10 Tips on How to Get Away from the Hustle and Get a Taste of Life

In the pace of modern life we often do not have time either to a favorite hobby or for a walk before going to sleep, nor to the words of love to each other. We have not enough time to live. Slow Life - a movement that has existed for over a quarter century, the main idea of ​​which is a lifestyle without fuss.

Here are the main principles of such life:

1. Alone with nature. Nature is a source of energy, harmony and beauty. Staying outside in nature, people forget about their problems, and learn to listen to their hearts.

2. Love the silence. Silence is a rare visitor, and sometimes people are afraid of it. But, in fact, in the silence you can feel something new, learn and understand something about yourself.

3. Arrange your deals. The main thing here is consistent performance of necessary actions and work. Even if there are too many tasks, focus on one of them, and do not get distracted by others till you finish it.

4. Do what you love. In order to understand what pleases you - find time to try different options.

5. Moderately attend events. If you do focus on one thing, the quality of the experience will be completely different.

6. Direct communication can’t be replaced by anything.

7. Feel the taste of what you eat. This is a particular attitude to food, which manifests itself in a measured performance of the entire process - from cooking to eating.

8. Rest consciously. You can even feel the fullness of a walk along the promenade or a delicious coffee at an outdoor restaurant.

9. Easy unpredictability. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be spontaneous and not to build any plans and just follow your mood.

10. Learning from young children. Children are never in hurry, they live in the present; and “here and now” is the whole point.

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