Aconite - an Attractive Perennial Decoration

Aconite has very large leaves with 70-80 cm spike flower stalks with inflorescences at the apex. The flowers in the inflorescence are small, bluish, white or red.

Aconite Location: in the nature the plant lives in shady places, on rocky slopes, near the bushes and under trees. In the northern regions the flower should be planted in a sunny spot. Over time, aconite grows and occupies a lot of space. It should be considered when designing the place for this flower.

It blooms from mid-summer until September. Acanthus flowers are effective and beautiful in groups on flower beds and lawns. The soil for growing acanthus is any garden, light, well-drained ground, preferably not heavy loam. Acanthus is not transplanted, but put to a permanent place of growth.

Root cuttings and seeds are planted in March under the glass, and after about 10 days the seedlings appear. Acanthus planted with seeds blossoms in the 3rd year. Fertilizing begins in May and ends in September: 2 times a month. This plant is well adapted; however it requires cover up during severe winters.

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