Adonis - Decoration of Spring Garden and Useful Medicine

Adonis in nature is increasingly rare. However, cultivars can beautifully decorate rockeries or alpine gardens. Spring Adonis is a low plant, only 10-30 cm, it is photophilous and unpretentious. The name of a flower comes from a legend about the god of the sun Adona.

Adonis plant can be grown by seeds and division of the bush, it should be done in August - September, so the flower can stuck before the autumn frost. Transplanting is carried out 5 years after planting. Adonis is practically not subjected to diseases and pests do not like it.

Yellow pheasant’s eye is widely used in folk-medicine to resist insomnia, heart diseases and increased excitability. Adonis contains cardiac glycosides, useful with weakened heart muscle, heart failure and cardiac neuroses. Also medications and herbal teas with pheasant eye are used to treat thyroid disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia and renal stone disease.

However remember that Adonis is toxic, and the use of broths and preparations with it should be prescribed by the consulting physician.

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