American Football – Hard and Fast Game

American Football is extremely hard game, which is similar in nature to rugby. Along with baseball it belongs to the national sports, common in the United States and Canada. American Football is reminiscent of European rugby in size and shape of the ball and the goal, the technique of playing with arm and leg, as well as the scoring system. However, the manner of playing with the body and the tactics differs significantly from rugby.

For this reason, American football has its own game rules, and the field is divided by transverse lines in 5 yards (4.57 m). Now more than 100 million Americans watch almost all the games of football, and more than half of the total US population is not indifferent to this sport. Playing in a team is so prestigious that almost every American teenager wants to become an American football player. The occupation of a professional player is comparable in the prestige with a profession of a military man or a pilot. The play-off game gathers multimillion crowds. Student games can gather up to several million viewers, even high school games sometimes attract several tens of thousands people. Girls love American football players, sportsmen are very popular in the community, and to get into the school team means to be on the top of coolness for the students.

The founder of the American Football broke the rules, grabbed the ball with his hands and ran with it. So there appeared the game of rugby in 1823, which is the visionary of American Football.

American Football has so tightly joined the culture of the United States, that it was repeatedly mentioned in movies and books. Daily average American spends about 10 minutes of work time on the discussion of this game.

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