American State with French Roots - Louisiana

The current Louisiana is only the southern part, which the US government bought from France for $ 15 million. This transaction was named “Louisiana Purchase”.

Tourists are attracted to the biggest town New Orleans for its vintage architecture in “French District”, Carnival Mardi Gras, and atmosphere of jazz birthplace. The French district or “Old District” is one of the main attractions of the city; its streets form around hundred perfect square blocks.

The main street Bourbon Street is the place where Mardi Gras festival is held - the local equivalent of the Orthodox Pancake Day and European carnival before Lent. As in Europe, it represents a farewell to winter. Every spring in Bourbon Street there is a jazz festival as well. Actually, New Orleans is called the music capital of America.

Among the interesting excursions in New Orleans, it is worth noting a tour on the paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River, visit to the Voodoo Museum and Aquarium (one of the largest in the country). Near the town there is a resort on Lake Pontchartrain. Morning in New Orleans can be spent in a city park: rent a bike, jog along the paths or lie lazily on the lawn in the shade of 300-year-old oaks. Picturesque bridges, sculptures, a lake with swans and ducks make you think about the camera.

Louisiana is a real paradise for fishing and hunting. Fishermen will be satisfied for plenty of fresh water and marine fish, and hunters will be able to choose among ducks, geese, quail, rabbits or deer.

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