Best Christmas Fairs in the World, which You Would Just Love to Visit

On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, many cities open fairs, where anyone can buy anything the heart desires. Colorful decorations, traditional sweets, live Christmas tree - and this is not the entire list. But most importantly, that in these Christmas markets you can feel real festive atmosphere!

If for some reason you can’t visit such a fair, we offer you to dive into the illusionary world of pictures and admire the beauty and colorful lights of Christmas decorations in different cities. Who knows, maybe you will be so impressed that next year a trip to a big city with such fairs in your country – will be your first task in the list of desires.

So now check out the beauty of the best fairs and their decorations: Sky lanterns in Zagreb, Croatia; Gingerbread houses in Aachen, Germany; Magic Shop in Strasbourg, France; Dome lights in Avignon, France; All the colors of the holiday in Barcelona, ​​Spain; Reindeer in Brussels, Belgium; Fireworks in the sky in Basel, Switzerland; The abundance of lights in Berlin, Germany; Fairground in Prague, Czech Republic; Holiday bustle in Leipzig, Germany; Bright splendor in Vienna, Austria; Snow Fairy Tale in London, Great Britain; Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark; A wide choice in Galway, Ireland; Anticipation of the celebration in Paris, France; Bright Beauty in Dusseldorf, Germany; The old streets of Stuttgart, Germany.

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