Cool Designer Things that Were Created in 2015

Here are some of the greatest designer finds, which impressed us in the past year. On the streets of Jerusalem appeared giant 9-meter street lamps Warde, made in the form of flowers. They open just when a person approaches them or a car is passing by.

Master of all trades Melanie Campbell from Michigan created such pretty plaids, in which it is warm and you can feel like a mermaid. Several major publications wrote about these plaids and they were instantly sold out. Now Melanie has a whole queue of potential buyers.

Garden on the wall is the handiwork of Florist Kim Fisher. This is an original decoration for house and garden - for those who live in a small apartment and can’t have a lot of space for plants.

Designers of studio “Lago” created a coloring scratchboard, which gives an opportunity to “light up” night cityscapes. All you need to do - is to take the pointed pen, scratch the special lines in the picture, and as a result you will discover a stunning beauty, hidden in the dark.

For those, who first throws the laundry in the machine, turns it on, and then finds things that she/he forgot to put, there is finally a ingenious invention. It is a small additional door through which you can add laundry directly during the wash cycle.

Designer Benjamin Graindorge creates benches from the fallen trees. They are beautiful and environmentally friendly. In such a way he makes us closer to nature.

The world's first bike path that accumulates solar energy was installed in Kromeni Netherlands. The results of its work for one year surprised even the developers. They hope that their invention will be an example for big cities, which can collect cheap energy from bikeways and transform it into street lights.

All parents know that there are three kinds of pain: 1) painful, 2) very painful and 3) stepped on a Lego. 66 years of pain is over - the company Lego has finally came up with Lego slippers.

Special slots in the Cuddle Mattress allow hugging each other without causing inconvenience during the sleep. Mattress is also well appreciated by the fans of sleep on one side.

Luxurious bath in the form of sphere will confuse all the senses - whether you're in the water, or soaring between sky and earth.

Designers of the company GB invented a baby carriage that can be folded and put away in a bag. Parents who regularly haul carriages up the stairs or cram into a car will definitely appreciate the invention. In addition, it will be indispensable in the trip.

Donald Lipski and Jonquil LeMaster have created an incredible Tree Chandelier. The chandelier in the form of a huge vine adorns the ceiling of the dining room of one of the vineyards in California.

Fireplace is a champion in creating comfort in the house. But in a modern apartment installation of a fireplace is not always succeed. For fans of “live” designers invented bio-fireplaces or eco-fireplaces.

Signals projector for cyclists was invented by Azerbaijan designer Elnur Babayev. The projector allows the bicyclers warn the drivers about their maneuvers and be more visible in the dark. The projector is mounted behind the seats, and the signs light up automatically - depending on the movement of the bicycle.

Each of the lamps by Cracked is unique - simply because this one is the most real stump from the forest, in the cracks of which inserted the LEDs. It can be also used as a seat or table.

The world would be a more peaceful place if we had often fought with pillows. Designer Bryan Ku thinks in the same way. Especially for fans of pillow fights he invented soft scimitars, nunchucks, grenades and stuff like that.

Come over to the dark side, now they have not only cookies but also waffles. Waffle iron bakes a dessert in the form of the Death Star - for anyone who grew up with the “Star Wars”.

Designers from Duffy London created a great illusion of floating table on balloons for those whose life is always a holiday.

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