Correct Habits That Will Make Your Life Better

We often think of own health when we start to feel unwell. What does affect our health? These are stresses and troubles at work, physical fatigue, wrong day regimen, and bad habits. Every Monday we begin a new life, and as early as Tuesday or later it ends. Our body rebels from the abrupt change and gets even more damage. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good, but the body should be accustomed to it gradually. You have to start from small, gradually introducing new life rights and healthy habits.

Let's start with the awakening. In the morning it is very difficult to eat some breakfast. At best, we drink tea or coffee, perhaps, someone manages to eat a sandwich. Make it a rule: immediately after waking up drink a glass of water at room temperature. Good if you add a tea spoon of honey to it. Water immediately wakes up the stomach and intestines, washes away accumulated toxins. After a few days you will feel the vivacity and energy.

Any porridge in the morning is good. In its energy structure, all porridge affects the body almost equally. In the morning you will get only useful carbohydrates that won’t be deposited in the fat. They will contribute to the production of energy, and you'll feel refreshed all day.

The next step could be a morning shower. Not all people like the morning wet cool water. Start with a comfortable temperature. Your body will get the necessary cheerfulness and will fully awake.

Another good habit is a morning walk. In rural areas, it is not a problem to walk to work. In the city it is much more complicated and you have to get to work on public transport, sometimes with several transfers; so, walk on foot for a few stops. This is exercise for the body, heart and lungs.

Every day, you can add good habits to your life: give up the sweets, quit smoking, do more active sports or calm yoga. Your life will change and you will be healthy.

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