Difficult but Amazingly Beautiful Sport – Acrobatics

Acrobatics is a performance by gymnastics on special equipment or suspended ropes in the air. The equipment can be fixed (static) or swaying, and moving around, and rising up and lowering down.

The specifics of the genre are based on the demonstration of unusual body movements exceeding the ability of the average person, and going beyond the ordinary. Risky trick - is the king of circus arts, so trapeze artists, often at the risk of not only being injured, but even die, try to perform spectacular and often the most desperate tricks to show the limitless possibilities of the human body and spirit. No wonder, this genre is the most mesmerizing in a circus show.

Acrobatic artists show strength, agility and courage, which are inaccessible to ordinary viewer. This is an elite and exclusive art that wins the hearts and makes spectators applaud admiringly after every beautiful trick.

Especially attractive in this sense is air acrobatics performed by graceful girls. Lovely ladies have not only the beauty and plasticity, but also show sometimes complicated power elements in the air. Each performance of aerialists is the large and laborious preparatory work, which sometimes is not visible and unknown to simple viewers. Every day rehearsals, torn blisters, bruises and injuries make this work truly heroic.

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