Do not Confuse Croquet and Cricket, Interesting Facts

Croquet was first mentioned in the XIII century in France, and in a clearer form it appeared in Ireland in the XVII century, and then migrated to England and other countries. The facts about croquet game will tell about the history and features of the game, which was immortalized by Lewis Carroll in his work “Alice in Wonderland”.

When French peasants first played the game they made the wicket of the branches and used the crook to score the balls.

When in XVII century the game spread from Ireland across the UK, it was considered elitist, but soon the public interest died down.

The new birth the croquet experienced in the 1830s in England. Since then, there was a rapid development of croquet: in 1896, was founded the first All England croquet and tennis club in Wimbledon, in 1870 were formed clear rules, and in 1897 - was formed Croquet Association.

There are several variations of croquet, but the most common is the classic English, the rules of which were defined by Croquet Association. There are also golf-croquet, garden-croquet, croquet “Nine wickets” and even the Russian croquet, which belongs to the category of sports entertainment with free rules.

In any variation of the game the field is equipped with wickets and balls of four colors. Players hit the balls, rolling them through the hoop, using special hammers. The goal is to lead the ball with the hits of the hammer along the route in accordance with the rules and faster than the opponent.

In most kinds of croquet the number of players is 2 to 4, each player can play croquet for itself, one on one, or a pair for a pair.

One of the national sports in England is cricket, which is often confused with croquet. In cricket players also use wooden balls and wickets, but they hit the balls with bats. The balls in the games are also different: in cricket the ball weighs 156-163 g and is 22,4-22,9 cm, covered with leather; in croquet - a ball is made of durable polymer, weighs 454 grams and has a diameter of 9.2 cm.

Croquet is considered to be the ancestor of billiards and golf. In 1900, croquet was a part of the program of the Summer Olympic Games.

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